AMU President, Chair, International Organizing Committee of PACOM 2021.

AMU President, Chair, International Organizing Committee of PACOM 2021.

Dear colleagues African mathematicians, Dear colleagues mathematicians over the world,

I am particularly happy,  to invite you to attend the 10th Pan African Congress of Mathematicians (PACOM 2021), that will be held for the first time in Central Africa, in the Republic of Congo.

Indeed since the creation of African Mathematical Union, in Rabat Morocco, in July 1976, nine editions of the Pan African Congress of Mathematicians have been organized, in: Rabat, Morocco, North Africa, (1976); Jose, Nigeria, West Africa, (1986); Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, (1991); Ifrane, Morocco, North Africa (1995); Cape Town, South Africa, Southern Africa (2000); Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa (2004); Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, 2009; Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa, 2013; Rabat, Morocco, North Africa, 2017.

Such wonderful situation has been possible thanks to the Honorable Minster of Higher Education of the Republic of Congo, who, kindly, responded positively, on behalf of the government of Congo, to the call for bids to host PACOM 2021, and that has been approved unanimously by the AMU Executive Committee members.

 So, the African Mathematical Union, is delighted to the decision of  the government of the Republic of Congo, for the full   commitment and the offered gracious support, consented and confirmed by the Honorable Minister of Higher Education.  The AMU would remain indebted to the Republic of Congo, for such meaningful collaboration, and would not spare any effort to let PACOM 2021 be a great success.

According to the responsibility to AMU to ensure a High Scientific level of PACOM 2021, outstanding mathematicians have been invited as plenary lecturers, members of the Scientific,  invited speakers in parallel sessions. etc….and I would like to size this opportunity to thanks all of them, for having accepted to contribute in the success of PACOM 2021.  Our wish is to receive many applications from African mathematicians, and mathematicians over the world to attend PACOM 2021, and contribute as organizers of mini-symposia, or with talks, posters, exhibitions etc…

Now, Let me share with you, that AMU adopted, for the past mandate (2017-2021) a new vision, motivated by our willing to develop mathematics in Africa that could meet the expectations of this new millennium, where global innovation, advancements in Science and Technology have strong relevance and potential impact for the achievement of the much-needed socio-economic growth, sustainable development, and hence for prevention and control of diseases.

It is fortunate that Mathematics are playing a major role, in meeting the industrial and societal challenges, since 44% of identified key technologies, are strongly affected by progress in mathematics according to recent studies.  So it is the responsibility of AMU to contribute  in  strengthening research in some major mathematical fields that would be needed in numerous sectors. In particular, in developing mathematics fields that could have a real impact on some critical sectors such as agriculture, energy, environment, health, mining, security and water etc…

  To succeed,  we remain convainced that it is important to involve relevant segments of our African population, the private sector, the diaspora, the civil society, especially women and youth, whose energy, creativity and courage would be really helpful. It is also  essential to initiate and develop fruitful collaboration with the international organisations, to benefit from their rich experience, precious accompaniment and  kind support.

On behalf of AMU, and the International Organizing Committee of PACOM 2021, I am pleased to end by confirming that we look forward to welcoming you in Brazzaville in August 2021

Prof. Nouzha El Yacoubi, AMU President

Chair of the PACOM 2021 International Organizing Committee